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                                                                                               “Remain fiction”

In the project “Remain fiction“ I refer to the aesthetic of ruined surfaces of buildings or different kinds of architectural details. The ruins in my perspective become monuments for our past. My imagination was triggered by the heritage that ruins contain. I question how objects transmit knowledge and represents historical facts. The focus is on the surface of objects rather than actual architectural monuments themselves. Worn down surfaces reveal previous layers of paint, chalk that triggered my imagination and curiosity to know the stories behind and the knowledge that could be revealed.

While shaping clay I recreate the aesthetic of falling pigments, it‘s the colour and surface that I found inspiration in. The drawing applied on top of sculptures could be read as a fragmented map or scheme. I don‘t leave instructions, markings or follow guidelines. These signs are made to deflect from the real world. I like to imagine the viewer being guided into a fictional space of their own. Eventually sculptures become fictional objects, the interpretation of ruins, artefacts. Alienated creatures or landscapes lost within time frame. There are visible traces of finger marks as well as applied drawings; it reminds one of human or another living trace of existence, or previous civilizations?

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